Saturday, August 21, 2010

'girls just wanna have fun' :)

so... i got bored and decided to do these pictures where i was flipping my hair... :)

later bloggers(:


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'cause when i'm with him i am... thinking of you'

so. we started high school, right? and this is the beginning the second week and so i kinda decided that i wanted to get to know as many people as possible.. so i started saying hey to people and all that jazz and i know a lot of people now!! i'm going to be a homeroom rep, so that's cool and me and some other friends are joining the creative writing club, so that's fun. and then starting next semester, i'm taking drama at my school. and then next year as a sophmore, i'm going to take dance at my high school... :)
so i'm involved and i know people and i'm doing extracurriculars outside of school and i'm in really cool classes with really fun teachers and i have friends outside of school that i like to hang out with...

it just feels like there's something missing.
later bloggers(:


Saturday, August 14, 2010

'do you remember we were sitting there by the water...?'

this is not a poem. it's just a letter. sorda.... i don't know. hahah(:

dear bubbles,

don't you remember those good times we had? talking late on gmail. swaying at the 8th grade dance. and the first time you told me we needed to talk? i felt so important. but that's just how you are. no matter what. you always make the person you're talking to feel like they're the only thing that matters. right there. in that moment.
i wish i had your powers.
but i gotta tell you. that last chat we had? i bawled. absolutely poured my heart out and you didn't know. and never will know.
because you changed just like everyone else and not for the good. you yelled at me and i didn't even know why. and i still don't because you won't talk to me. and you never will because you changed.
and out of all those months where we really had something, or at least i thought we did... the thing i remember the most is you telling me to never hurt myself. because i was beautiful and i deserved to be loved.

you wanna know the last thing you said to me, bubbles? you want to know the very last thing you ever said to me?
you told me to kill myself.

well maybe i will.

i still love you.
hope something eats


and that's it!! by the way, i'm NOT going to kill myself. i promise. :) just needed to get those feelings out there. so, yeah!
later bloggers(:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

'my favorite girl, my favorite girl...'

hey guys! check out my new blogger, youtube channel, facebook page, and email!
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please, guys, check all these out! subscribe, follow, join, write.. EVERYTHING! tell everyone about this! we're trying to get the word out! thanks so much everyone!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

'dreaming... i'm fallin'...'

so i happened to go shopping today for some back to school clothes but i wear uniforms so i didn't much... thought i'd post some pictures(:

(spaghetti strap dress from AE)

(dark wash skinny jeans Hollister, sweater/cardigan AE,
white tank top AE)

(dark wash skinny jeans Hollister, purple/gray cardigan AE,
white tank top AE)

(dark wash skinny jeans Hollister, light blue cardigan AE,
white tank top AE)

(dark wash skinny jeans, gray and navy blue stripe cardigan AE,
white tank top AE)?
what should i wear to the justin bieber concert?

later bloggers(:


Saturday, August 7, 2010

'happy birthday to you!' (continued...)

(continuing Anna's present..)

(Smiley Lush soap, Pink Sparkly Lush soap)

5th: HALLEY(:

(Plaid Target fedora hat, 3 American Girl lip glosses)

6th: GREER(:
(Certificate for her to pay for my Justin Bieber concert ticket)
(more details later)

7th: MOLLY(:

(Blue Target hat, gold, silver, and gray heart shaped earrings)

Thanks for everything guys! I had a blast! :)

PS: This is what we did...
3:30-4:45 - Scavenger Hunt around the neighborhood.
1st: Greer and I
2nd: Molly and Halley
3rd: Anna and Emily
4th: Naomi and Brooke
4:45-6:30 - Dinner at Taquria del Sol
6:30-9:15 - Games of Mafia, watching Baman and Piderman(:
9:15-11:45 - Watching Charlie St. Cloud in theatre's(:
11:45-2:30 - Talking and Falling Asleep(: 
9:55-10:45 - Breakfast (Donuts, Bagels, Crossaints, Fruit)
10:45-11:00 - Talking until parents came.
later bloggers(:


'happy birthday to you!'

so i just had my birthday party and i wanted to tell you guys what my friends gave me! :D
so i'm going in the order of which i opened the gifts(:
1st: EMILY(:

($15 iTunes giftcard, purple AE sweatshirt)

2nd: BROOKE(:
($15 Amazon gift card)

3rd: NAOMI(:

(Pink and Purple AE shirt, Orange AE shirt)

4th: ANNA(:

(bow necklace, clutch, urban outfitters nail polish)

(continued in a different post)